Busy Busy Busy!

I've been a busy dude lately and, frankly, it's a weird feeling.  We here at Blogagaard, Inc. are normally not too busy at all (we blog! we podcast!) and when we hear other people complaining about this state we enjoy great peals of mocking laughter at their expense. 

Well, no longer can I laugh for lo, now I am busy, too.  This is the last week of my literature class at a local vocational school (never again! never forget!) and the 2nd week of my Loft class.  Plus, you know, regular work and stuff.  Really, it's all I can do to get in my regular drinking and TV watching! And. you know, working on the new book, as slowly and painstakingly as possible (it always takes forever to come up with new batch of goddamn names and stuff every new novel).

But soon, oh so soon, life shall return to its regular Blogagaard pace and we shall sip iced tea and stare into the sun on our imaginary front porch.  Hopefully.  And hopefully the extra time won't seem weird and hollow and fill me with existential longing for obliteration and I won't hear sad cello music playing in the dusty hollows of my mind.

But you never know around here!  Yee-haw.


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