More Things to Fear!

In hopes of helping all those feisty Americans terrified by the devilish prospect of healthcare reform, we here at Blogagaard, Inc. have compiled a list of more things to fear with equal red-blooded vigor:

1. Birdies.
2. Hot cocoa.
3. Hugs from attractive, buxom women.
4. Warm laundry.
5. Outdoor hot tubs in the Swiss Alps.
6. Boogeymen.
7. Oral sex on Christmas morning.
8. The Red Cross.
9. Fluffy clouds drifting through an opal blue sky.
10. Poetry.
11. Surfing songwriter Jack Johnson.
12. Good hair days.
13. A basketful of sleeping puppies.
14. Butterfly kisses.
15. Gay people falling in love & getting married.

Alright, we hope this helps!


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