High Water

Duluth, MN and the surrounding environs has been abruptly swamped out in the past 24 hours (hence the term flash flood, I suppose). One day you're a picturesque northern Minnesota industrial town chilling on the shores of Lake Superior, the next everything is floating away, including your polar bears and seals and there's all these huge craters in roads you've known your own life.

Scientists have been talking about climate change for years (you know, that climate change some idiots still think is a boogeyman and not dangerous at all). One little detail about said change is the fact that rains will continue to get heavier and heavier and our current sewer systems will have to be updated (apparently even the new ones in Duluth) to deal with all the thunder, hail, and rain we've got coming our way.

I think out of all the stories in the Bible, Noah and the Great Flood resonates the most with me and most readers.  Children are fascinated by the idea of an ark filled with every paired animal available for storage while apocalyptic-minded adults such as myself can't help but close our eyes, imagine an endless deluge, and picture everything we've ever known washed away.  In the over-the-top yet kind of enjoyable apocalyptic film 2012 humanity doesn't build a spaceship to escape the destruction of the world, they build enormous metal arks to ride out the storm.  Yeah, we don't want to really leave this world but we don't really want to save it, either.  Not enough, not yet.

But maybe it'd be best if we all just figured out a way to change into seals.


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