The Ragged Days of May

Ah, so I've returned from Seaside, OR to find Minnesota much muggier and warmer than I remember it being. I lasted for exactly 24 hours before I gave in and installed my window AC here in the master bedroom/office and now it is blasting away in my right ear, intent on killing the hearing headphones and lawn mowing have left untouched.

I have a week before my next test scoring project begins and I'll be working on revising The Ragged Mountains: Book I of the Gabriel Rain Chronicles, my tenth novel and first attempt at a pure YA fantasy novel. My agent seems to like it a lot but now I have to smooth out the characters and the world itself after writing it in the white heat of about nine or ten weeks. I'm trying to create an addictive novel that draws the reader in, and it reminds me of writing The Suicide Collectors (now five novels ago!).

And so I find myself in the last ragged days of May, summer looming ahead...


Anonymous said...

Yes I can imagine why you'd think of The Suicide Collectors, I enjoyed the novel but couldn't help thinking it has a sequel you'll have to write one day.

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