Blogagaard Goes West Coast

Well, I'll be taking a one week break from my current stint of test scoring (set up a candy shop in your bedroom! Babysit to save up for an iPod! Do some backbreaking work for an uncle for $20!) to go frolic on the Oregon Coast and stare deeply into the Pacific, questioning existence itself.

While I'm out, feel free to read american fantastic tales, all two volumes and some 1,400 of it, as I just have. It's a handsome collection of fantastic tales going as far back as Nathanial Hawthorne and stopping on the doorstop of today, with a writer my own age included (Benjamin Percy)! Tons of creepy stories with only a few boring duds. It's sort of like reading an awesome version of the Norton anthologies, but not as heavy. A few "literary" authors seemed to have less-than-fantastical inclusions, but editor Peter Straub did a pretty good job putting it together.

Finally, a new cranky interview with me!


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