Lots o Twins baseball

I've just returned from my second trip to shiny new Target Field in two days, after not seeing a game there...ever. My old St. Olaf friend Amanda F. is in town for the weekend and after having such a sweet time there yesterday, despite 2 losses to the Yankees in one day, I thought what the hell, let's go back again.

It's a beautiful park, the field fed with recycled rainwater, but the coolest thing is how there's lots of standing room all around the stadium where you just sort of mingle with your fellow fans, can lean on a metal railing, and there's also a hard alcohol section sponsored by Captain Morgan (though I'm not into Captain Morgan himself, some actor in pirate costume, singing take me out to the ballgame every fucking 7th inning stretch). It's as if the Twins have moved out of the Mall of America, literally, and into a fun new party pad that happens to have baseball going on inside it. Every view is pretty great, also, though from various spots in the outfield you can't see all three outfield walls, which makes deep fly balls a guessing game. The Minneapolis skyline is amazing, and at night games you basically watch it reflect the sunset back at you.


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