Put a Suit On It

So I guess I'm a fan of the TV show SUITS. I don't know how this happened exactly or even why I watched the sonofabitch in the first place. Suits just happened, like a rash, and I now I eagerly watch it every Tuesday night.

Suits started as a show about a hotshot lawyer named Harvey Specter (good lawyer name!) who unwittingly hires a law school dropout with a super memory named Mike Ross who lies about having a law degree. The first season follows Mike's rise in the law firm (lucrative corporate law of some kind) while trying to avoid being caught. Specter is a modern day Don Draper except angrier and less prone to philandering or deep, existential thought. He's one of the characters who'd I'd avoid talking to at a party but will happily watch through the fishbowl of television. Ross is sort of his crazed bright eyed sidekick, as evidenced by his love of riding a bike to work. Also, the head partner is played by the beautiful hard ass Gina Torres of Firefly fame.

I normally hate law shows and CW drama type shows (and I've never even watched a USA original show before-who fucking does that?) but for some reason Suits has mixed the two together and come up with something I willingly watch. A good drinking game could be had by following one simple rule: take a shot every time somebody says something way, way over the top and pauses to stare at everybody else with eyes afire. I literally groan at least once an episode but for some reason the zippy dialogue and the strong cast atones for Suits' deficiencies. Suits is now about to conclude the "summer" half of its third season (what's up with all these shows breaking up their seasons by several months? The Sopranos did it in Season Six and it's caught on since then. It's still weird though, right?). Other notable performances are turned in by Sarah Rafferty (Harvey's nearly-psychic secretary Donna), Rick Hoffman (the nefarious firm foil Louis Litt, a man who loves cats, mud baths, and reams of financial documents), and Meghan Markel (the hot paralegal Rachel Zane).

I don't know. It's good popcorn TV, people! Somehow. And I always wondered what it'd be like to own a nice suit.


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