Back to Cool!

Ah, September has arrived, hereby ending what was personally a rather terrible summer. Yes, a summer highlighted by the theft of my mighty 1996 Honda Accord EX! Damn you, thieves and hooligans of St. Paul! Steal my car a second time? Who do you think you ARE? I mean, really. And then it's found again? On my birthday? Totally unhurt? Possibly even running slightly better? WTF? Luckily the impound lot still charged me $262 to get my own car back!

Yet here were are. Cooler temps, crisp fall days ahead! I start teaching a 14 week course on Plot in Fiction tonight-we shall scour in an inward fashion until the art of plot gives up all its intimate, dirty little secrets. Like don't be boring! I always like that one. And make shit happen. BOOM!

Time to march bravely toward academia! Do not tremble.

We can sit the grass and chat amicably. Look, she brought a guitar!

I hear the football team killed that girl with a guitar.

Hmm. What does this student know that we don't? Maybe who really killed that girl with a guitar.


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