Rabbits Unite!

Hoppy Easter. This dewy morn, I am thinking about rabbits. Namely, how they're mysterious and twitchy and most likely going to rise up and destroy humanity one of these days. You want proof? Recall Bunnicula, a devastating novel about a vampire rabbit told from the point of view of Harold, the Dog. A startling discourse regarding the rabbit vampire gestalt.

Also, keep in mind Kelly Link's story "Stone Animals". Innocent, unsuspecting family moves out to the glorious countryside only to be set upon by a ravaging, silent horde of rabbits that increases daily, as if Rabbit Woodstock were occurring on their lawn.

Yes, rabbits are mustering their strength even now, even as we devour their chocolaty eggs and lay waste to their peeps. Mark my words-they will rise up, sooner or later, and hop all over your face.


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