Red Pen Madness

I've been editing a paper (remember paper? Good old paper!) draft of my in-progress novel. This usually entails me sitting/lying/hunching over thirty to fifty pages at a time, red pen clutched in my gnarly old writer's hand. I've discovered the smooth flowing wonders of the Pilot G-2 07, which ran me about 2 bucks at the U of MN bookstore.

I've held for a long time that a paper edit gives you an angle on your manuscript you just can't get any other way, no matter how fancy your computing device or clear your flat screen. I don't know the science behind it (remember science? Wearing goggles?) but all sorts of shit pops out at me when I do a paper draft. I tend to go computer draft-paper-enter paper draft-2nd computer draft after I finish the rough draft of a manuscript. It's madness, I say, red pen madness!


Anonymous said...

I love paper, but I am trying to save the trees!


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