A Drunken Dr. Dolittle Christmas!

Lo, good people of Earth! Behold! We here at Blogagaard shall have ourselves a Drunken Dr. Dolittle Christmas as we mind the small, neglected creatures of this mortal world! Not only shall we be house sitting/dog sitting Ole, a crazy man in his own right, we must tend to our own lovable cat Frenchie, our girlfriend's cat (across town in NE Minneapolis) Nesta, and we shall check in on a kitty named Nebula, whom we have not yet met!

Three of the Four Beasts of Christmas Present:

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a drunken fun time!


Anonymous said...

Is that the computer where the super-production that is 'When Harry met Fatty' is recorded? Also the dog's face is perfect.

David Oppegaard said...

Actually, that's Melissa's computer. We use Noah's Mac Book Air. He brings it over and we just just talk into it. High tech shit. He also does all the post-production shit with a minimal amount of feedback from me. Like, "Good job!"

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