Cave Building

Ahhhh, so. I should be tired (and I am) but I am also way PUMPED about the short film I'm making with local director Todd Wardrope. A 4 min short for a national horror film making competition, we've spent the last two nights (and T. the last three) building a CAVE SET for our little film, which happens to shoot THIS SATURDAY. Crazy, no? Also, our set designer and assistant designer both flaked on us, so we've been working with a few sentences of directions and good all-American desperation.

We're building our set inside a 10,000 square foot industrial space, in which rests an already constructed wire cage left over from an acrobat show last art-a-whirl. We've spent a lot of time getting to know insulation sheathing and gluey insulation foam and wire ties and climbing up ladders. Tomorrow the painters arrive to make it cave-brown and we're going to wheelbarrow in a ton of dirt for the cave floor.

Awesome sauce! How can crazy shit like this be so much fun?


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