Blogagaard's Wonderous Cheesy Fries

We here at Blogagaard cannot remember ever posting a recipe on this here old blog, so let's do it, people...

Blogaaard's Wondrous Cheesy Fries You Should Make If You No Longer Care About Anything but Tastiness


Alcohol (inside you)
Girlfriend/Boyfriend (either asleep or away for the night)
Potatoes (nice big ones)
Hamburger (lean, fatty, like it makes no difference at this point in your stupid life)
Seasoned salt & Cayenne pepper & whatever else you feel like, seasoning style
Not so fresh garlic that's on your shelf(chopped into little garlics)
Peanut/olive oil
Red pepper
Sliced pepper jack cheese

What to fucking do about these ingredients:

Peel about 2-3 potatoes, chop them into fry-sized bits, enough to fill a lightly olive oil sprayed cookie sheet. Brush fries with oil, not too much so they still get crispy and not soggy. Sprinkle your spices onto the lubed up fries. Don't they look pretty!

Throw cookie sheet in preheated oven (400 degrees). Bake fries for some undetermined period of time, depending on how drunk you are at this point and how crispy you want your fries. Flip the fries over in the middle of this period of time (at least seven minutes, probably way more).

meanwhile, mince some of that red pepper, depending on whatever. Thaw your hamburger, brown it in a pan, add the garlic if you're into that sort of thing. Add the red pepper bits, cook them, too, finally add the cheese slice and let it melt and goo-ify your burger surprise. When the fries are crispy, take them out of the over and throw them on a plate. Add your gooey burger red pepper topping.

Enjoy and try to ignore the shame! I like to use blue cheese for ketchup.


Anonymous said...

Yum. I usually go green chilies instead of red pepper, but sounds good.

Delicious knows no shame.

David Oppegaard said...

Yeah! That would be good. I just never remember to use chilies if I buy them, so they go to waste...

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