My Newest Dark Passenger

This week my agent and I have started submitting my latest dark passenger (if I may lift the phrase from Dexter) to editors for publishing consideration. It was four years ago this June that I sold The Suicide Collectors as part of a two-book deal, and I think it's about time for another sale, eh?

The new novel is called Special and here's the rough synopsis, which I wrote to help move it along:
By David Oppegaard

Unable to live alone in a world he doesn’t fully understand, thirty-year-old Freddy Tompkin, a grown man with a special, child-like mind, has remained at home his entire life, sheltered by his parents as their once-thriving Detroit neighborhood has grown increasingly isolated, the homes around them abandoned and the field behind their house left undeveloped. When Freddy’s parents are killed in a car accident, his older sister, Jennifer, a former interrogator for the U.S. Army, returns to Detroit to supervise Freddy, carrying a chip on her shoulder as well as a budding lust for violence. Soon the screams of Jennifer’s victims fill the once-quiet Tompkin household as Jennifer turns their father’s basement workshop into a torture chamber and their backyard fire pit into a makeshift crematorium.

Freddy, confused, frightened, and intimidated, eventually decides to fight back against his older sister, rescuing Jennifer’s latest victim and setting off into Detroit’s urban interior. Freddy finds himself squatting in an abandoned building with a strange, beautiful cutter, teaming up with a trigger-happy drug dealer, and hiding for his life in urban prairie. Finally, Freddy returns home again, where he confronts his greatest fears, his family’s dark past, and, most terrifyingly of all, Jennifer.

Alrighty. Happy Summer Solstice! It just gets darker from here...


Jordan Wiklund said...

Good luck, David!

David Oppegaard said...

Thanks Jordan! I 'll take all the luck I can get.

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