Gotta Love That Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire recently won a Grammy for Album of the year for The Suburbs, but apparently lots o people somehow still haven't heard of them. Even a collection of hipsters didn't go full-throttle with them on The Suburbs, but I love the album and feel it rewards repeated listening (imagine that! Having to work to like something! One of many lost arts of the modern age, really, along with letter writing and patience.) I think it threw some fans off that they went a little quieter after the semi-rocking Neon Bible, but I have a soft spot in my heart for artists who pulls stunts like that, having followed up The Suicide Collectors with the semi-quiet (at least for me) second novel Wormwood, Nevada. I'd argue that Wormwood, Nevada rewards a second read, and a certain mood, but who the fuck has time for that? Cram that media in my mouth NOW.

Arcade Fire performs "We Used To Wait" on Sound Opinions from WBEZ.

Watch the full episode. See more Austin City Limits.

Their more rocking side.

A good fan, tripping balls.


Sgt. Misty Peppers said...

I lost my fake virginity to "we used to wait"

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