Man, How I Once Loved my Old Game Boy

I had one of the first Game Boys, right after Ninetendo came out with them in the late 1989. I begged and begged my mom for one, and goddamn if she didn't come through with it on Christmas Eve 1989, even if they were sold out everywhere and cost over a hundred 1989 dollars. I wasn't allowed to own a Nintendo gaming system in the house (very smart-may have made me a writer), but through some non-TV loophole a little old Game Boy was ok (?). In retrospect, a Game Boy was an even more addicting form of video game infusion, as I was able to take it everywhere with me and not interact with others at family functions (sound like today's cell phones, anybody?).

One of my favorite games was Zelda: The Legend of Link's Awakening. This game was profoundly in-depth by 1993 standards, and took forever to finish, and I loved every minute of it. I played it in that pea-green original Game Boy shade (by the time color Game Boys came out, I was already on to either Sega game Gear or college). I did have the Game Boy Pocket as well (later on), but that unit was still just black and white.

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