The Dog Days of August

I believe we are in, or are entering, or are pretty damn near, the dogs days of August. I haven't been writing much, as I wait to receive the edits from my most recent book and get the project off my mind. Just a short story here and there, and I can't really picture my next novel yet, so I'm just reading a lot and driving myself crazy. I recently posted my essay for the The Nevada Review on my Scribd page for those of you (okay, pretty much all of you) who didn't feel the urge to buy a copy of the literary magazine when it came out.

And now, to pretty up this post, are a few more pics from the evil stronghold of Bamberg, Germany:

The city thrived, feasting on the unwitting tourists and their fat wallets...
While the vampire man king Slugoth bided his time, waiting for the city to sleep.
Caught in a sudden downpour, we sought shelter beneath a stone archway, knowing not that it would change each of us...forever.

A good river to throw yourself into and end your life!
Rose garden of the damned.

A dark ruler of a dark city of dark evil. Don't mess!


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