The Case of the Buffalo Wing Bandit

So, late last night I went to bed, legally intoxicated and plumb stupefied after my second day of training at my new test scoring gig, and left a plate of nibbled buffalo wing bones on the coffee table. This morning I woke to a happy cat, purring beside me in bed. Not so unusual, right? But then, oh then, I noticed a little pile of cat barf on the mat in the bathroom. But this was no ordinary pile of cat barf: it t'was bright orange, and contained hard gristle! A further inquiry then revealed a loose chicken bone on the living room floor, picked clean.

Ah ha! All signs pointed to...the cat! The 21 yr old cat! Somehow, Opie locked in on the wings after I went to bed, used his great agility to nab a bone, and then dragged the gristle onto his bathmat! It t'wasn't cat barf at all, but buffalo wing remains!

And so ended the Case of the Buffalo Wing Bandito, with the apartment safe once again for all and Opie in tiny kitty shackles, morosely headed toward kitty jail...WAIT! HE'S ESCAPED!



elise said...

Ha! Sadly I can relate to this post.

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