Blogagaard Gets His Test Scoring On

Having completed a surprisingly difficult 3 day training period, I have begun scoring written standardized tests for the great state of ------------. Yes, that's right, I've sworn a blood oath of secrecy in regards to all I witness while test scoring for -----------!

Computerized test scoring is a sacred and mighty occupation, handed down to me from people in the early 1990s! If you can even believe such an ancient time once was! Test scoring varies by project and grade level, but this project happens to involve high school students, and they may or may not have written four-five page essays in order to graduate! I sit at a terminal, amid a row of my mighty and eccentric peers, and click, click, click away as my eyeballs scan fiercely and my mind calculates scores based on a mysterious "rube-brick". Upon my first full day of scoring, I graded a mighty 117 papers using my very own brain!

In other news, feast your eyes upon "Dog Fight" a brutal story recently published by my compadre Aaron Wilson.

No more questions!


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Caleb said...

Hmm... so your mind does the calculations, or there's a brick that tells you who the rubes are?

Oh wait, I get it, the rube-brick is in your brain! may want to look at getting that removed...

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