Remember: Kurt Vonnegut is Funny

I have this big red hardcover book I inherited from my mother with the words KURT VONNEGUT written on the cover and on the spine in big gold letters. It's a collection of six of his novels, including Slaughterhouse-Five. I cracked it open recently and read Cat's Cradle. Read the link to learn more about the book, but suffice it to say it's a pretty cool and off-the-wall apocalyptic novel (among other things). What struck me is how funny Vonnegut was:

"I smiled at one of the guards. He did not smile back. There was nothing funny about national security, nothing at all."

"My reading of the life of Bokonon was interrupted by H. Lowe Crosby's wife, Hazel. She was standing in the aisle next to me. 'You'll never believe it,' she said, 'but I just found two more Hoosiers on this airplane.'
'I'll be damned.'
'They weren't born Hoosiers, but they live there now. They live in Indianapolis.'
'Very interesting.'
'You want to meet them?'
'You think I should?'
The question baffled her. 'They're your fellow Hoosiers.'"

There are a lot more funny quotes from the book I'm too lazy to find. Vonnegut was always a smart ass, even when he was being serious. He was, basically, science fiction's answer to George Carlin. Always thinking, always questioning, always railing against the status quo that allowed stupid rich people to rule the world's economic and political landscapes. Good man, that Kurt.


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