The Hungry Beast That is Publicity

Right now, in case you haven't been reading this damn blog, I'm in full-on publicity mode as Wormwood, Nevada is about to be released upon a mostly unsuspecting populace next Tuesday. Review copies have been sent out across the web and the "real" world, the publication reading's been announced on Facebook, and I've started doing interviews and such with my fellow book loving bloggers. I've also been individually emailing every single indie bookstore in America (that has a website) and so far I've spread the word to about 450 stores. I wish I would have thought of this email campaign sooner, for The Suicide Collectors, but I suppose the release of that book has given me more cred and shop owners are less likely to think I'm spam (now they think I'm glorified spam!). But at least you can email indie bookstores; the big chains get told by corporate what to order, at least mostly, and I couldn't even convince my own local mega chains to stock more than one copy of The Suicide Collectors last year.

By the way, book shop owners, it'd be nice if you named the resident book buyer on your website so I didn't have to address my email to the entire Yea Olde Shoppe. But thanks for your support!


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