Happy Turkey Day!

Ah, Thanksgiving. Some made up holiday about white people getting food from Indians before betraying all Native Americans with the small pox and the guns and the biff boom ba. This Turkey Day I am thankful for having finished (as of yesterday) the first draft of my ninth goddamn novel, and I am thankful for another year of good health for me and my friends and family. I'll be driving down to Fillmore County to spend it on a crazy pig farm with my friends and their family and my lady friend. And thus, I am actually up early on a holiday as opposed to sleeping in on every work day for normal people.

As a side note, why are we subjected to a Lions game every damn Thanksgiving? And a Cowboys game, too. The Lions always suck and the Cowboys make me feel slimy just watching them. The mix of turkey and boring football is flat out stultifying!

Have fun with those giblets, people!


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