Good Times

I received my author copies of Wormwood, Nevada today and I must say, St. Martin's has outdone itself and created a super beautiful book. I know that every author loves their book, or most that most do, anyway, but I'd say Wormwood would be found lovely even by unattached eyes.

Here is a nice review that came out over the weekend. More will soon come, and one clenches their teeth and hopes for the best ("one" being Blogagaard, of course).

The publication reading for Wormwood, Nevada will be on Friday, December 11th, at 7:30 at Hamline University in the Klas Center's Kay Frederick Ballroom. All are invited, books will be on sale and I will be feverishly trying to remember how to spell people's names!


Caleb said...

K - A - Y - L - U - B.

...actually, I have gotten that before.

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