Plotting Your Book

Hello, there! Would you like advice on plotting your book? Awesome! We here at Blogagaard, Inc. are here to help!

The first thing you have to decide is whether you'd like to sell out or write a book that's unique and actually interests you. This is not a choice to be made lightly! If you sell out, you can use a generic plot slapped together from other books in the genre you choose to write in. The only important thing, besides opening a "savings" account, is coming up with a good hook to sell the book and a really snappy title. And then POOF! You've made some money.

But if you'd rather write in your "voice" (God help you) be prepared for a wild, roller coaster ride through a Tunnel of Agony. Expect people not to "get it" because your book is "different" than other books, but THAT IS OKAY! You can always sell out with the next book!

Now, on the subject of plotting. I would suggest you have a compelling first chapter, starting with a compelling first sentence, and then a compelling second sentence, etc. Are you still with me? GREAT! But now you're asking, what about the second chapter and so on? Well, that's simple. Keep writing compelling sentences! And try to create what is called a DRAMATIC NARRATIVE ARC, which is basically a line that keeps rising with tension and intrigue until it reaches a narrative CLIMAX, and then trails off a little while everything is wrapped up.

I know a lot of writers do extensive plotting of their novels, using flow charts and spreadsheets and note cards, but try it the Oppegaard way: write a one sentence outline of each chapter after you're about twenty pages into the book while drinking whatever beverage inspires your creative mind (tequila works for me, for some reason). And then, as you go along, consult this outline and rewrite it and reshuffle it until it looks like you've gone insane. And then, KAZAAM!

You've plotted a book!


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Wisdom delivered in the usual way!

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I'll be sure to practice this for NaNoWriMo

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Thank you, everyone. I do my best, my very best!

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