Heart-Shaped Box

I'm reading Heart-Shaped Box right now. It's by Joe Hill, the writerly chip of the old block of Stephen King. I've read almost everything King's written, consider myself a fan with reservations, and it makes for a surreal experience to read a book by his son in the same horror genre King works in. It's a good read, very quickly paced, but I'm having trouble giving a crap about the main character as he fights for his life. I'm only halfway through, so maybe I'll be won over by the end, but he feels like your standard, aging, jaded rock singer with a ready made "dark" background attached (his father didn't like him playing the rock-n-roll!). As I'm whisked along the fast paced plot, with the characters' back stories sort of wedged in along the way, I can't help but feel like no matter what happens I won't be surprised, and not in a Greek tragedy way, either. More like an okay, sure, kind of way. Also, for those of you who have already read both, I can't help but feel like I'm having Thinner flashbacks as I go along. I hope I never piss off anyone enough to make them put a curse on me/send a ghost to haunt me.

But it is spooky, and nicely fucked up in places, and a good diversion as the snow falls here in St. Paul, a full week before Halloween.


Brian Beatty said...

Haven't read HSB, but I enjoyed Hill's story collection, which I read knowing he was King's kid, but I've never read a single book by SK, so I didn't care one way or the other.

David Oppegaard said...

Hi Brian. I've got 20th Century Ghost Stories from the library, too. I'm inspired by the autumn season to rip through some horror.

Missy said...

Forget his Dad, sounds like he stole from Purple Rain! Prince is going to be pissed!

I have only seen the movie Thinner. If that does not teach a person to treat people kindly and to drive safely, I don't know what will.

Also, I have only read "Misery", it was so creepy and awesome that when I watched the movie I fell asleep. I was bored with the movie leaving out parts. It is a good movie though, when you stay awake!

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