Paperback Cover Image of The Suicide Collectors


n said...

Congratulations. :)

I bought the hard cover a few months ago and read it. I think, unlike many other readers, I have been reading your blog for so many years now that I am unable to see your first book as a debut, which means that I am being a lot more critical of your book than is fair, when I write the following.

I enjoyed your style of writing and I think the quote was a really good idea. What my complaint against the books is that it could have been a lot more - it could have gone on to part 2... in fact, it should have gone on to part 2. The ending was a bit of a let down, and it was almost like a slow winding path in the green woods that ends with an ugly modern glass apartment instead of a cliff that you were expecting.

Having made my complaint to you, I can thank you for the enjoyable couple of hours that it took me to read your book. Putting it a bit roughly - it wasnt a waste of time.

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