My Latest Temp Venture

Ah, the sweet world of temp work! Every time I think I'm out, you pull me back in, Sweet Lady of Cheap Disposable Labor!

My latest Adecco temp venture is a two week stint at the U of M bookstore in Minneapolis. It's the start of the academic school year (tomorrow) and the students are back on campus, snapping up binders, paper, and spiral notebooks at sale prices. That's where I come in: someone has to haul and stock all the back to school stuff from the storeroom to the floor and make sure all the supplies are well-stocked. So I and a large crew of other temps, store employees, and student workers spend eight hours a day circling a six hundred square foot section of the store, trying to avoid crashing into each other while keeping ourselves busy. Some highlights so far include the temp worker who told me within 5 minutes that he was currently living in his car, the evil blisters on my feet, and the endless valley girl conversations/reunions that I'm forced to overhear daily. Oh my god, I had SUCH A GREAT SUMMER YOU GUYS!

So there you have it, a glorious update on the glamorous life of a writer. Boo fuckin ya!


Elise said...

I did that job. I lasted a week. Good luck!

Missy said...

Say hey to our other friend Dave W.!

Missy said...

Also spend some time posting your book in more visible places while you are there!

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