I learned about a cool site during the Stoker weekend called Scribd. On Scibd you can post your documents, pretty much any type of documents, and people can read and comment on them. There's other sites that allow you to do this, but Scribd is cool because it tends to pop high on google and it also presents the documents in a read-only format, which means no one can copy and paste your document into another document.

Last night I created my own account (it only takes about two minutes) and posted three stories, with more to come, and today I posted my magnum poetry opus, Darth Vader Watches the Stars.


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Dear David,

Great to see that you're taking advantage of social media - I'd like to also mention that is the preeminent site for document sharing on the web - we work with bloggers like you every day, and can feature your Blogagaard site on our homepage if you upload documents to us. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at



Anonymous said...

I checked out scribd and it's pretty nice. I uploaded a story already. You Kafka Gets a Pony story was hilarious. I recently picked up the Suicide Collectors and after reading your story on scribd, it's going to the top of my reading list.

Blogagaard said...

Hi Grand W! Thanks for checking out my work, 'tis much appreciated. The Suicide Collectors is much darker than my Kafka story, but Wormwood, Nevada (the next book) will be more in that vein.

I seem to be constantly caught between being a smart ass and being a Serious Writer.

Blogagaard said...

Hi Areg,

I'll check that out!


Anonymous said...

My work tends to fall in that same trend, only it's between being very dark or very light. I cannot find a happy medium. I'm always at midnight or noon. I need to work on a mid-afternoon to evening feel.

Anonymous said...

Star Wars poetry. That's funny. I have to admit for as much as I pretend to now hate Star Wars I have a pretty cool idea for a graphic novel set 10,000 years after the battle of Endor. I'll probably never write it though.

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