Hello Heat

It's starting to get hot up in here and thus I finally put in my window air conditioning unit today after storing it for three months in the trunk of my car (the new apartment doesn't come with a storage room). The installation of air conditioning is an annual event in the life of transient St. Paul apartment dweller such as myself, as it seems any building in any area that's remotely cool has no AC and or costs too much to rent, which for me is any apartment above the bare minimum. I used to live in an apartment with really flimsy windows (actually, they were just two storm windows, with no real window at all and they fogged up like crazy) and I owned a mammoth AC unit that barely fit. But as we age we gain experience, do we not? And so I now own a reasonably sized AC unit in an apartment with proper window frames, so it didn't take too long to install today.

Once I called my landlord to show me how to remove the magical window screens, that is. Now I just have to teach the cat to shut the damn bedroom door when he goes in and out which he does, like, a thousand times a day.


Missy said...

Cats are so stubborn.

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