Highlights from the Move Back to St. Paul

Hello, bitches! We have returned to the Twin Cities to dominate the social scene and eat dairy products. How was the 1,600 mile move, you ask? Here are some highlights:

-"Damn we have a lot of shit. We just have a lot of shit."

-950 miles of driving during the first day. Near the end of the day, a semi-truck blew a tire right as I passed by and the sound was so loud I thought I'd been shot at. Then I turned up the GNR back up, and kept moving.

-I ate a chicken-fried steak covered in gravy at an 24 hr. hotel restaurant in Glendive, Montana, with a side of beer-battered fries. I have no fear. No fear at all.

-Unloading the cube: my stepbrother Nate helped us move the cube stuff from Blaine to St. Paul. During our first run of the night, we had a bungee cord snap and lost Sarah's ornate metal bookshelf and a box spring mattress on Interstate 35W, just south of where it intersects with 694. Until we returned to St. Paul, we assumed we'd just lost a box, or maybe the top of the kitchen table. Can you imagine that shit hurting at you at 70 miles per hour? Today, several Twin Cities residents don't have to imagine it: they lived it.

-The cube freight shipping place in MN. Man, that place is huge and crazy.

-On our 2nd run to the cube, we managed to locate both the bookshelf and the box spring on the side of interstate. Imagine Blogagaard and brother running through the weed infested interstate meridian, hauling a box spring a good 400 yards back to the truck as traffic whizzed by. Seriously. The good news: the box spring was totally undamaged, though the shelf was hashed. God, I've never felt so alive!

- "Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow..."
Opie, during our hotel stay, all freaking night long. Sarah had ear plugs, but I foolishly did not. I actually woke with my hands around Opie, pinning him to the bed so he'd chill out.

-Sleeping in our own bed last night for the first time in a week.


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