Long Weekend

I've got Friday off tomorrow (today? when exactly are you reading this post?)and a long weekend stretches out before me, glorious and Boise-fied. Temps are heating up and tomorrow we'll be in the eighties and Sat and Sunday are supposed to be in the 90s. Sweet Mary, there I go again, talking about the weather on my blog. Oh well. I plan to break out the hammock, do some grilling of chicken and bratwurst, and drink a lot of gin/beer on our backyard veranda, where I can sit in a plastic chair at a plastic patio table and look at the stars and smoke cigarillos and think the weird shit I tend to think. I miss my friends from Minnesota, but sometimes I truly believe this year of quiet has been crucial for me and for the next book. Nothing is free, I suppose. You even have to pay for the time and space to sit quietly. And if you don't pay for that time, be prepared for life to pass you by in a freaking blur.