One Day in Willie Nelson's Life is Like One Hundred Days in Yours

(Read this slowly, with many meaningful pauses and in a voice like a crystal champagne glass that smokes)

Just watch the sunrise on the other side of town
Once more I've waited and once more you've let me down
This would be a perfect time for me to die
So I'd like to take this opportunity to cry
You gave your word now I return it to you
With this suggestion as to what you can do
Just exchange the words I love you for goodbye
While I take this opportunity to cry
I'd like to see you but I'm afraid that I don't know wrong from right
And if I saw you would I kiss you or want to kill you on sight
It's been a long night so I think I'll go home
And feed my nightmares they've been waiting all night long
They'll be the last ones to tell me goodbye they'll give me many opportunities to cry
Well I'd like to see you but I'm afraid....

"Opportunity To Cry" by Willie Nelson


Lex Ham Rand said...

I love Willie Nelson, Bloggy. Maybe it's my hick Macon, GA roots (where Willie used to play in his "short hair" days in the Macon City Auditorium) but I love me some Willie Nelson.

"...Maybe I didn't love you...quite as often as I should have...."

(Not you, Bloggy, and not Sedaris, either. Just "love" in general, you know.)

Blogagaard said...

oh, I know Lex. I know.

Alex said...

Willie Nelson. Ok, now you've (sort of) redeemed yourself.

Angel flying too close to the ground is my fave.

Something dirty said...

Did anybody see him on The Daily Show? Willie is one of the best talk show guests ever.

Alex said...

I didn't see him on the Daily Show but I saw him live and was shocked at just how tiny he was. A teeny little musical God.

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