Is there anything more frightening than watching someone dance while you know something terrible is about to happen? Have any of you seen that wedding video from a year to two ago when this entire wedding party was dancing and the floor collapsed, killing many of them, including the bride? They looked so happy, and suddenly no more floor, a quick parade of screams, and then no more dancers, either.

Watch out. Dancing can be dangerous.


Herbach said...

I'd rather see them dancing than screaming bloody murder as the plane takes ten minutes to plummet to the earth.

Blogagaard said...

A) It wouldn't take any plane ten minutes to plummet from anywhere in the Earth's atmosphere. I am a scientist. Trust me. Okay, I read science fiction, anyway.

B) Screaming is just a controlled form of singing, which is what people do when they dance.

C)Where is Tina Turner these days?

Steph Wilbur Ash said...

You know what Oppe? You're a deep person. You should know this: ALL THE WORLD'S WISE DANCE UNTIL THEIR DEATH.

Steph Wilbur Ash said...

You like how I used all caps? Effective huh?

Seriously, Oppe. It's terrifying, yes, to think that something so beautiful could end so tragically. But it all ends tragically, really, as all endings are tragic, so why not fuckin' dance, baby?

Herbach said...

Plus, dancing is good exercise, and if you happen not to die while you're dancing, you'll feel good about yourself and lose a little weight. Who knows, maybe the ladies (or gents -- if that's your bag) will notice you're walking a little taller and with a sprightly bounce in your step. Maybe they'll want a piece of you or want to share the future with you. And you'll go dancing together and the floor will collapse and it will be all over. But what a nice ride all that dancing got you, you know?

Herbach said...

I was once on a plane that plummeted for at least an hour. It was terrifiying. Eventually we landed at the airport. But, I kid you not, we were totally plummeting for the last third of the flight.

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