New Year, New Blood

Happy New Year! It's 2015! Fuck yeah! Meet the new boss/oh shit he's got a gun!

So, to follow up on my previous now seven-week old post, today I have finished writing the new first draft of novel 15 (which is actually novel 16 if you want to split hairs). That's right, I've got a spanking new 105,000 words of novel after banishing the original third draft of novel 15 to the wasteland that is my computer's file folders.

Okay, this figure is technically about 95,000 new words with a 10,000 word very stand alone section  salvaged from the original novel. But I think I still wrote 900 pages, or about 250,000 words in 2014, which yes is pure lunacy (this figure includes a rewrite for FLUX for another novel, which itself added 60 fresh pages to the manuscript). Yeah I should date more or at least leave the apartment where dating could happen to me, or the chance brush of a lady's tender hand mayhap fall upon me. But yeah. What's done is done and it's time to fucking rewrite this mutherfucker!

I'd have to say this draft, rough as it is, is already light years ahead of the original draft I shelved. So, so, so much better. Wayyyyyy better. Why? I guess it's got something to do with having lived in this world for so long (this dark town of Hawthorn world) that I was able to find new characters to fit it perfectly and also achieve my narrative goals, which my previous group couldn't quite manage to pull off for various reasons. Also, for whatever reason (probably my incessant fear that all this time and energy would be for naught) the plot in this draft is much tighter yet feels more...inevitable, which is something I preached every class when I taught plot.

So all in all it's been worth it...I guess?


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