Fatty Comes to a Close

With our 100th episode, Noah Warren and I have concluded our romantic comedy skewing comedic podcast When Harry Met Fatty. At the end of each episode, we each came up with a final thought. Here is my 100th final thought, with a special thanks to Noah for editing the show and putting in so much time and effort. Good times!

Final Thought

Well, here we are, at old one hundred. We’ve spent over two years of our early dirty 30’s podcasting the hell out of this show and, like Don Quixote, who died from the shock of facing reality and realizing that those windmills actually were just windmills, and not giants after all, we rub our eyes and step away from the romantic comedy movie genre, in all its weird and quirky and mind numbingly dull permutations. What have we learned from all this? Who the fuck knows. Why have we done it all? Why have we spent over 200 hours watching rom-coms and quadruple that producing the show itself? Because doing weird shit for no logical, marketable reason is fun. That’s it. That’s the bottom line. I’d hate to live in a world filled with people who don’t understand such reasoning and I hope such a day never comes—because then the world will be filled with robot people living bland robot lives. And who the hell wants that? Only the robots and robot-based manufacturing companies, of course. And fuck them.

They’ve never been in love. They can’t even tell a good joke.

So, Fattys, we’re signing off now and we wish you all the luck in the world. Don’t let relationships define you, don’t let the machines define, don’t let anything but your own idiotic heavy beating heart define you.

Because we love you. We’ve loved you all along.


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