Blogagaard in the Warren Den

I visited my podcast co-host's familial homestead last night in rural River Falls, WI. We had quite the raucous time on the old Warren farm, zipping around in his souped up land cart, drinking tasty IPAs, and recording two When Harry Met Fatty episodes.

The Land of Warren is green and verdant, like a big salad.

They have added on to the homestead in recent years-Noah bitterly notes this was done only after he left for college and came too late for him to look cool in high school.

Maimon likes to drink IPAs!

Ozzie is ready to rock. He actually jumped out and ran along side us as we zoomed merrily through the land. He was the happiest running-ist dog you ever did see, plunging in and out of view like a rabbit.

Yar! I got to drive and did my best to kill us.

There is a spooky cell phone tower at the highest point of their land. It tells Noah to taste the rainbow.

Noah posing regally with his sister many moons ago. Classic funny pic, Curly Sue!


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