A Chronicle of My Recent Participation in the Hundred Push Ups Training Program As Logged on Pushups Logger

Week 1-Day 1
Max: 15
First day. I defy thou, time. I shall become immortal.

Week 1-Day 2
Max: 15
Beyond here lies only sorrow and lament. Do not look to the skies, for you will not find God there.

Week1-Day 3
Max: 15
The ground calls to me, threatening to swallow me whole. I must push...up.

Week 2-Day1
The edifice threatens to crumble, but then I recall there is no edifice and pain is only an illusion brought on by the mutilated harpies in one’s own mind. I find this helpful.

Week 2-Day 2
Max: 17
The sky blackens, my arms tighten. I am a steel trap waiting to snap. I dream of Hercules.

Week 2-Day 3
Max: 20
Trolls tunnel beneath my apartment, threatening to unhinge me and send me sprawling into a lake of fire and want. I hear you, trolls. And I am coming for you.

Week 3-Day 1
Max: 20
The mists recede. The demon has gone on holiday.

Week 3-Day 2
Max: 19
Darkness. Imprisoning me.

Week 3-Day3
Max: 22
Tomorrow, on the Day of St. Patrick, we renew our annual war with the Little People. I shall be strong for the culling!

Week 4-Day 1
Max: 23
So, it continues. I sweat whiskey and dream of reaching bedrock. The cat watches me in confusion.

Week 4-Day 2
Max: 24
Do not look for me in the past, for I cannot turn back.

Week 4-Day 3
Max: 26 (?)
I am logging this days after. Such was the fire beneath my skin that I forgot to pushup log! Silly me.

Week 5-Day 1
Max: 27
Week Five? I’m still fucking doing this?

Week 5-Day 2
Max: 25
I’ve gone off the grid. I make my own sets and numbers now. I answer to nothing but the iron in my blood.

Week 5-Day 3
Max: 26
Ghosts come out of the floorboards to stare, then sink again without a sound. They are weak whilst I am strong.

Week 6-Day 1
Max: There are no boundaries to Fantasia.
I must go now.

End of Log


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