Coffee Shops & Writing

Do you like to work in a coffee shop? Are you one of those coffee shop table/let's setup an entire mini-office squatting bastards?

We here at Blogagaard vacillate between "Hell yes!" and "My god, why the sweet Betty did I leave my apartment?" depending on each particular experience. We can be seen around St. Paul at joints such as J & S (best coffee), Espresso Royale (most comfortable as long as you're not sitting beneath the super cold invisible air duct), a couple of Caribous, Dunn Brothers (usually just in the summer when you can sit outside without a Mac student boring into you with their mind), and a few other joints. None of these coffee shops are perfect, each with their own strengths and flaws, and when heading out to work one must weigh the coffee shop decision carefully and with much deliberation.

I have an old laptop I sometimes drag to the shop with me, but usually I'll just read a book or line edit a manuscript. I almost never write new material/first drafts in a coffee shop, I feel way too pretentious if I'm typing up a storm. I think most writers would agree that the best part of working in a coffee shop is simply getting the hell out of your apartment/house/prison cell and existing among the people of the world for an hour or two (and then ignoring them with your iPod if they start talking near you). Of course, you can always just pipe the ambient coffee shop noise right into your home computer at Coffitivity.

Sometimes I dream about owning a cocktail/coffee bar for purely writing & reading with cushy separate cubby rooms you can work in and an in-house library. There'd also be an open space of course if you're feeling chatty.


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