Happy Thanksgiving, Suckas

Ah, it's that time again. That horrible, horrible time where we gather with family, ear too much, and touch the deepest chords of ennui imaginable, right through our bellies. Luckily, for Thanksgiving this year we here at Blogagard, Inc. have written a lovely free verse poem in four parts!

"Turkey-The Reckoning"


Golden turkey
Why must we hunt you?
Why this autumnal....persecution?

Because we hate you!
Turkey turkey turkey

You haunt our dreams.


I visited a turkey farm once-
20,000 stupid unblinking eyes
Turning my way all at once
Fixated on feed,
Brimming with gobbling greed.


Somebody told me that turkeys drown
In the rain.

They turn their heads to the sky
But forget to close their mouths,

Just like college students.


If you are wandering in a dark wood
And see the image of a turkey
Strike it down.

Turkey turkey



Anonymous said...

That is a poem in four parts.
Thank goodness I have no part in turkey farming, your poem makes me thankful!

David Oppegaard said...

Oh, yeah, forgot that I added that 4th part. Thanks!

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