Blogagaard Sees Goats-Mountain Goats, That Is!

I went to see The Mountain Goats last night at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. I showed up on the run from teaching my class at the Loft and arrived in the middle of the 2nd song and was magically hooked for the remainder of the concert. Very chill crowd, lots of hipsters, Surly for $6 a tall can.

The Mountains Goats are pretty much John Darnielle and the musicians he chooses for his band. His charisma/energy reminds my of my favorite St. Olaf prof Charles Taliaferro and his output has been downright prolific with now 14 albums and then some recorded.

I found a video on youtube not from last night but which pretty much sums up the awesomeness of a Mountain Goats show. It's one of my favorites called "No Children", a song that's a perfect Goat mix of happiness and rage.

As a bonus, here's a tiny desk concert Darnielle gave for NPR!


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