Summertime & the Fiction's Brewing

FYI, I'm teaching my Grounding the Fantastic class at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis this summer. It runs from June 19th until August 14th and should be a fun old time. Registration is open!

Grounding the Fantastic

A multigenre class open to all levels of students interested in literary fantasy, horror, and science fiction, this class will focus on creating a realistic story that grounds even the most unusual tale in a recognizable world. Inspired by authors as varied as Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, Cormac McCarthy, and Toni Morrison, this class will discuss several multigenre craft topics and use in-class writing exercises to further investigate these storytelling methods. Then, using what we have learned, we will read and reflect upon one another’s stories in a workshop-style discussion facilitated by the teaching artist. Together, we will go down the rabbit hole of slipstream fiction and discover the multitude of possibilities waiting on the other side.


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