Old Ideas

Leonard Cohen, like some kind of immortal cicada, came out of latency in 2008 with a world tour that lasted into 2010. He wasn't set adrift easily-he began touring in the wake of having his estate criminally mismanaged by his former longtime business manager, who drained about 5 million from his retirement account and left him only $100,000 (real subtle, that one). And, in the wake of this critically acclaimed tour and the live in London album that came from it, Cohen released "Old Ideas" last year, a raw and powerful album that haunts you the more you listen to it. Here's a youtube vid of "Show Me the Place":

You've got to love lines like:

The troubles came
And I saved
What I could save.

And you've got to love a great artist who's come out of retirement for one last great and fiery run, his voice like gravel and eyes still keen.


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