When In Doubt, Shoot Your Way Out!

Alright, cowpokes. It's time for the 3rd installment of western movie week here at Blogagaard, Inc.

Cat Ballou (1965)

Cat Ballou stars a young Jane Fonda in a roll that screams ingenue and Lee Marvin as a drunken gunslinger who's been hired to protect her father.

An odd ball film that's mostly comedic but follows a serious thread (the rail road has hired a gunslinger to run Cat's father off from his land) the film is framed by two banjo strumming minstrels semi-narrating the story, played notably by Stuby Kaye and Nat "King" Cole. A fun little western romp-I also enjoyed the special features interview with director Elliot Silverstein, who talks about most countries, being centuries older than the U.S., having a mythical history they can draw on as a culture and, since the U.S. doesn't really have that, we instead substitute the "Wild West".


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