Who Wants To Be Insulted By Martin Luther?

I know what you're thinking-my life is not nearly embarrassing and terrible enough. How can I be insulted MORE? And not just insulted by the living-NO! I WANT TO BE INSULTED BY SOMEBODY DEAD AND FAMOUS, TOO!

Thankfully, the Internet is here to help, with this handy-dandy insult generator courtesy of the famed Martin Luther, author of those Ninety-five Theses that shook up yea olde Catholicism so much.

Get Thee Insulted!

I'd like to point out here that modern day Lutherans are much more subtle if they want to insult you. Either they will A) compliment you in some way that's not really a compliment B) ask you what you do for a living and then sort of wince as you expound or C) they will give you a sweater.

Also, kudos to m'lady Melissa for finding this sweet site.


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