Some Good Stuff

I'm in a fallow writing period at the moment, having delivered my newest book to my agent right before 2011 ran out. I seriously have no idea, currently, what project to work on next, not even a short story idea, and have a hopefully temporary feeling that I threw all I had into this recent book, about which I have received 0% feedback, as nobody's read it yet. I've been running on a go-to-work and get through dark cold January mode, but now that we're halfway through I am going a little creative stir crazy. So, here's some other good stuff for your perusal:

Here's a link to a good blog post called "You want to write? Don't blow the easy part" by my old Hamline buddy Geoff Herbach.

Here's the newest episode of my podcast with Noah Warren, in which we review Doc Hollywood (1991) with Michael J. Fox and plenty of bad southern accents.

Here's a video of a crow sledding down a roof.

And, finally, here is one of many funny cat cartoons from Simon's Cat!

Shit, here's a second one!


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