Your When Harry Met Fatty Episode Guide, Thus Far

It seems improbable, but the 15th episode of When Harry Met Fatty is going up this Thursday. When Noah and I started this comedic film review podcast, neither of us knew much about putting a show together, how the format should be set up, or even liked the sound of our voices.

Now, I don't know if any of that's changed much, but I do know we've had one hell of a time recording the show, Noah's worked his fingers to the bone producing it, and we've both had our minds nearly melted on several occasions by these damn "romantic comedies".

Here's an episode guide to the horrors we've endured thus far:

1. You Again-Wedding! Fighting! Old enemies & new love!
2. Life As We Know It-Crying baby! Shut up, crying baby!
3. He's Just Not That Into You-Lots of actors, saying shit!
4. Bridesmaids-Like SNL, but in a movie!
5. It's Complicated-Alec & Meryl, getting it on!
6. Practical Magic-Witchy, witchy women!
7. Smiley Face-A girl, some weed, and you want to rip your eyes out!
8. Crazy, Stupid, Love-How to seduce your face!
9. The Proposal-Sandra Bullock goes to Alaska!
10. Home Fries-Helicopters, Drew Barrymore, and fast food!
11. The Switch-Whose sperm is whose?!
12. Midnight in Paris-Magical France, where the naked ladies dance!
13. Gigli-Ben and J-Lo kidnap a dimwitted white rapper!
14. Friends With Benefits-Why should sex be sexy?
15. Just My Luck-Lindsay Lohan is unlucky & unfunny!
16. America's Sweethearts
17. Doc Hollywood
18. Fever Pitch
19. Bewitched
20. The Ugly Truth
21. Valentine's Day (2010)
22. Breaking Dawn Part One
23. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
24. Just Go With It
25. Take Me Home Tonight
26. Love Wrecked
27. Juno

There, I hope that helps put all this madness is perspective for y'all. We have a good time putting this little lightning bug together each week and thank you for listening!


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