Blogagaard Gets Up Before...Dawn?

Here I am, typing away as the blue light of false dawn unable to sleep since 5 A.M. on a Saturday. Jesus. I thought shit like this happened only to people who had kids? Is this what it's like to be old? You can have it, Marcy.

It's harder to go back to sleep knowing I work today, I guess. I've got a new temp job, which is great, but it does include working every Saturday morning, so I guess I have to stop getting up in my fuzzy Sponge Bob pj's and watching cartoons while eating Coco Puffs and begging my parents to buy me things I see in really loud commercials.

Oh well. That's life, I suppose. One day you wake up and you're thirty-two. I guess I'll go sit with the cat now and quietly wait to go in to work. Somehow Frenchie always seems to be both asleep and awake. She's a paradox in her own right.

Note: I washed all the dishes and made French toast around 6:30. And I'm going to take out the garbage, too.


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