Daylight Won't Save You

Daylight savings happened last Sunday and now, abruptly, the Twin Cities feels like a ghost town on the edge of the arctic circle every day by 5 PM. I mean, Jesus, I think we're all about to be harvested by vampires as they pick us off one by one. I've also been having these sustained panic attacks about money, or not having any. Luckily, the DRC called the other day and next week I start a seven day scoring project. Whooooo! Will the fun EVER EVER END?

On the sunnier side of life, When Harry Met Fatty just posted it's eighth (eight!) episode. This week, we tackle Crazy, Stupid, Love with Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell, and Emma Stone. It's a must listen, since we help men everywhere dress more fancy like!

You don't want the Minnesota vampires laughing at your fashion sense before they harvest you for their brood, do you?


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