Some More Writing Excercises

I don't sew my own clothes, like my mother did (she even had silk gray clothing tags with "Kayc Kline By Design" that she sewed into the collars), but I do create my own writing exercises for my class at the Loft (which has already been renewed for spring! Huzah!). At first, I was trepidatious about creating them, but then I read all the crappy ones out there on-line and such and all worries left me (go outside and write down your thoughts and what you see and BLAH BLAH BLAH) and now I try to top myself each week.

Here's a couple I've come up with so far:

The Unwelcome Guest: Have 2 characters deal with an unwelcome guest (to their house, to their party, etc.) Use their dialogue to reveal their discomfort, confusion, and other emotions as they interact with the guest.

Something's Not Right Here, Dialogue Edition: A family of 4 sits down to dinner. Something's not right here (the house is haunted, the father's cheating, the little girl's a werewolf, etc.). Narrate the dinner conversation to hint at the wrongness without ever having a character come out and say it directly.

The Meeting: Describe the dullest of dull meetings. Suddenly, a psychic phenomena occurs and everybody in the meeting can read everybody's thoughts. Describe the ensuing conversation!

Last Night (based on the 1998 film): The world is ending in six hours (or so). Create a character and describe in detail how they spend their remaining time on earth, keeping in mind that how they spend their time (the details) is also describing their character.


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