Halloween & The Thing

I've watched two classic John Carpenter movies in the past few weeks for the very first time, movies that every horror nerd should have seen around 12 years old. Somehow, I missed the horror boat when I was a youngster-I think just the covers of horror movies used to freak me out. Hellraiser, Child's Play, The Witches of Eastwick, all those blood curdling horror movies didn't exactly call out to me during my visits to the gas station a block from my house, which was pretty much one of two places in town where you could rent what was called a "VHS tape" and had a selection of about three or four small shelves, with about the same hundred movies on it for years at a time.

I watched Halloween last night, in the spirit of the holiday. I never realized I was just one sharp flight of stairs from sounding like a serial killer escaped from a mental hospital!

You'll get a good, standard chill from Halloween, but if you want a truly kick ass movie about paranoia and the arctic cold and Kurt Russel sporting a feral caveman beard, Carpenter's version of The Thing is the way to go!

Also, the Halloween episode of When Harry Met Fatty is up, and our finest yet! Check it out, yo!


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